I'm Here to Fuck Your Life

by Outwrage

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Songs about alcoholism, optimism, and revolution.


released November 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Outwrage San Antonio, Texas

I make songs about things that make me sad and angry.

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Track Name: Here's to Fucking Up
It's not going to be easy but we're going to keep moving taking it one day at a time living the best lives we can despite all the bullshit problems and pain

So here is to fucking up and knowing we're not going back
And here is to falling down and picking ourselves back up
Raise one more glass for all the friends that we lost

I'm tired of hating my life so this'll be my last drink, ready to start waking up without a hangover, I'm going to do my best to stick to my own promises and be a much better person

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Conscious Rebellion
With a brick through every window and a fire in every office, how're we supposed to build a school?

One day we'll meet in the ruins and laugh at the world we destroyed

With a bomb on evrey plane and a can of paint for every wall how're we supposed to build a future?

(Chorus x2)

I'm not sure on what day, but I'm hoping to something that it's someday soon. 'Cause we can't keep going on like this living our lives and dying and dying each day.
Track Name: Fuck You! The Musical
Fuck you, I done said fuck you! (x4)

Fuck how you treat me
and fuck how you look at me
and fuck what you've done to me
and fuck how you made it turn out for me

Fuck you I done said fuck you! (x4)

Fuck you face
and fuck your life
and fuck your morals
and fuck your shit
fuck everything that you stand for!

Fuck you, I done said fuck you! (x6)
Track Name: What're You Gonna Do?
Play loud play fast play hard, play like it's the last thing you'll ever do, light a fire in my eyes the kind I haven't seen in years

'Cause we're all we've got and we've got to get it right we have one more shot so let's take the chance.

Jump in the creek, shout at the top of your lungs, or see your favorite band play a set, How're you going to make life worth living for once?


Spend some time in the woods, build a pillow fort, or maybe even take a day off of work, what're you gonna do to enjoy life today? Hell I just wanna see you again!
Track Name: P.S. I Love You
I saved your life night after night and now I don't even know how to save mine I'm so tired and angry and scared so I'll write my own eulogy and tie myself a slipknot

I'm a shell of a person with no one to blame, I can't see myself in ten years, bad days are becoming more and more frequent and I've remembered what its like to cry myself to sleep

You shouldn't feel bad it's not your fault hell it's probably a good thing anyway I just don't know how I feel about having feelings again all I know is that so much has changed and so have I

Fucked up body chemistry I'd rather have a lobotomy that way I wouldn't give a shit anymore I just don't know how people can go on for years and years like this and I don't think that I can
Track Name: Sense, Sensibility (AJJ Cover)
earnesty and clarity
those wonderful mentalities
of decent positivity
are all that we can strive
but misery and poverty
they follow me and my family
and though it seems that i can't win
i think i have to try

but everyone's afraid of me
they'll never see that we all bleed
the same damn blood each night

so you'll go your way
and i'll go mine
i hope we meet up later on down the line

and sense and sensibility
and peaceful productivity
a pretty girl with broken wings
is all that i desire
but there's so much hostility
in all the things surrounding me
the awful glow of enmity
is trying to stop my shine
so i try to look inwardly
at all the things inside of me
but sodomy and buggery keep bubbling to the top

so you'll go forward
and i'll go back
i hope we catch up with each other on the track

and i've been thinking awkwardly
about the things that are holy
like Jesus, Joseph, and Mary
and Mary Magdalene
and even theoretically
i don't think i could ever see
the perfect human being
Jesus live without sin

so you'll go upward
and i'll go down
you'll go upward
and i'll go down
you'll go upward
and i'll go down
i'll see you in hell when we die

(Or something like that anyway)