Gutter Punks From the Future

by Outwrage

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released December 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Outwrage San Antonio, Texas

I make songs about things that make me sad and angry.

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Track Name: Late Nights and Dark Rituals
One day it's drugs the next it's the razor there's nothing I can do for what you are

Your self-destruction boils over a hundred times a year I don't know what to say so I just cry myself to sleep

and you just

reinvent yourself near three am in the middle of the night

I just sit alone in my room thinking about what we were

One day I'll be able to put it past my self but right now it's not that night instead I'll mix some bleach and acetone breathe in so deep and pass out

I am not a coward
I am not a fool
I am nothing more than what I am - for now

Late nights are getting to my head I can't bear to see it go down like this nothing gets me angrier than seeing innocence die
Track Name: Dirty Trans Commie
I'm just a dirty commie from down south I got problems with everyone I see
fuck your NRA bumper sticker and fuck your kid's private catholic school
in this capitalist police state nobody's really free

I'm just a dirty Trans girl from Texas I'm no better than a fucking freak
fuck your binary gender roles and fuck your transphobic legal system
in this cisnormative patriarchy nobody's really free

I'll burn your fucking church down with you in it like Varg Vikernes on a bad day so you can go ahead and suck my cock
Track Name: Gutter Punks From the Future
Saw you by the side of the road begging for a dime decided to try it myself for a change

Now were gutter punks from the future backwards living in the digital age sure is better than minimum wage

Life didn't treat us right so we'll treat it just the same 'cause lord knows sometime we're born to lose


I haven't washed my clothes in weeks and I'd be ashamed to say I had I don't think I'm going back to that life

(Chorus) x2