Crying on the Kitchen Floor

by Outwrage

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Songs about depression and oppression because life sucks sometimes.


released October 11, 2015

This one was all me.



all rights reserved


Outwrage San Antonio, Texas

I make songs about things that make me sad and angry.

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Track Name: Dirty Trans Commie
I'm just a dirty commie from down south I got problems with everyone I see
fuck your NRA bumper sticker and fuck your kid's private catholic school
in this capitalist police state nobody's really free

I'm just a dirty Trans girl from Texas I'm no better than a fucking freak
fuck your binary gender roles and fuck your transphobic legal system
in this cisnormative patriarchy nobody's really free

I'll burn your fucking church down with you in it like Varg Vikernes on a bad day so you can go ahead and suck my cock
Track Name: Psychotherapy
The scars on my body show How I'm broken
The organ between my legs shows how I'm a freak
The alcohol in veins shows how I can't do this anymore
Waking up at two am to drink straight out of the bottle don't you dare tell me nothing's wrong

I can't bear to tell you how my failures make me feel i don't even know you How am I supposed to spill out my secrets when you're threatening to send me out to fucking pasture? I wanna get better but with people like these I don't even know if that's possible

For the first time in my life I understand the urge to feel pain so that I'm not so empty I know what it did to yo but I don't think I can make it another year feeling like this I'm so sorry I never meant to hurt you I love you all

I wanna get better but I don't know if it's possible at this point I'm tired of the pain I'mm tired of the misery I'm tired of the emptiness (or something I change it every time) either I'm getting better or I'm getting out in a pine box
Track Name: Sleep
I haven't slept in weeks and something tells me I'm just getting started 20 mg of prozac controls my whole life but I'd rather be the living dead than just dead

That's how I feel for now anyway It's hard to say how I'll feel in a day or a week I don't just want to sleep I want to rest for once in my life

For for or five years every canceled plan has been my own shot of heroin I don't wanna do anything I don't want to live I don't want to die I'm useless