A Bleak Outlook

by Outwrage

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released March 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Outwrage San Antonio, Texas

I make songs about things that make me sad and angry.

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Track Name: Sick Day
Why can't I sleep in for a bit
I'm so fucking sick
I can't even stand up

I don't have a chance to rest
Capitalism won't let me sleep

Why can't I take a day off
I'm so fucking tired
I can't even breathe

I don't have a chance to rest
Capitalism won't let me sleep

I'm tired I'm fed up I'm exhausted
Please leave me alone I just need some time alone to think about what's been going on in my life
Track Name: Here's to Fucking Up
It's not going to be easy but we're going to keep moving taking it one day at a time living the best lives we can despite all the bullshit problems and pain

So here is to fucking up and knowing we're not going back
And here is to falling down and picking ourselves back up
Raise one more glass for all the friends that we lost

I'm tired of hating my life so this'll be my last drink, ready to start waking up without a hangover, I'm going to do my best to stick to my own promises and be a much better person

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Words Don't Say Much
haven't been the best activist
but I'm trying to do better
about educating the people around me, writing to prisoners, and making people think

Not sure if what I've been doing
counts as revolutionary activity
but the intent is there
and I'm not going to pretend
that I have all the answers to our movement

And what the hell is our movement anyway definitely not Paul or Sanders
maybe we should look inwardly
to find out how to help fix the world
Track Name: Reflections on a Youth Marred by Major Depressive Disorder
Growing up is too fucking hard
I want to live life for myself
I can't fight to the bitter end
What to do or how to survive
Confusion is my closest friend

I've done lots of terrible things
I'm so sorry to those I've hurt
For us it didn't end too well
I'm not even sure what to say
My whole life is fucking hell

The life I live isn't worth much
Not to me that's what I'm sure of
Live the dream or die the nightmare
I really wanna kill myself
My life sucks how did I get there
Track Name: Your Straight Edge Morals Do Nothing for Me
If you can't control what you say
I refuse to give you respect
I'm aware of that bottle's power
I hurt people back in the day
but I've changed since then
and I know I was born to be this way

I will not stand idly by
as you hurt the ones who loved you
I know it's fucking hard to stop drinking
but if I'm capable then so are you
it takes time to heal
but I want you to know freedom too

I know all about your pain
but I can't give you a pass
Someone has to get you to understand
otherwise how will you ever see
that it's not an easy thing
to be the best person you can be

I'm not there yet myself
there are still bad days to come
and this pain my never leave completely
even still I think we're stronger
and it's possible to move on
so please hold on a little longer
Track Name: Poseur Song
I'm a privileged white kid with too much time on my hands and too little to do so looking for new ways to ruin my life every day it's never enough to satisfy me

Writing these songs has never been more hypocritical than today because I've never gone without in my life and I'm such a fucking worthless poseur

I don't deserve to sing songs about not having a job being hungry because I'm too used to eating every single day I'm going to give it up one day but for now, fuck it

So for now, I'd rather sing about wanting to sleep in an alley than bitch about my cozy privileged life in a suburb, irrelevant school life, and how I think I have it so hard
Track Name: BPD Blues
If I love you will you stay with me forever
Will you love me despite my flaws
Will you choose to weather the storm

Who am I
what's real what's not
Every part of me is fake
I'm not who you think
I won't ever be

If I love you will you stay with me forever
Will you love me despite my flaws
Will you choose to weather the storm

Burned out
Reckless living
It's all I'll ever know
I'm not here to change
I will hurt you
Track Name: Living Mess
I can't say I'm ok with how everything's going but being angry isn't maikng me a better person

Leads from madness leads to madness sadness and fear depression and loneliness
Living in the past fingertips caked in ash only brings us down

Up out into town another excuse to let everyone down my self destruction hurts everyone that i love


Same song in a different way I'm just looking for something to make my day
Track Name: I Hate My Life
Eight pills to make it through the day
I can't go on without pumping drugs into my body

God damn I hate my life
I hate my friends
I hate my family
I'm a fucking bomb waiting to go off

Twelve hours of sleep I'm still tired
Feelings of comfort and rest don't come around anymore

God damn I hate my life
I hate my friends
I hate my family
I'm a fucking bomb waiting to go off
Track Name: Story of a Girl
Ten years ago a little girl was getting touched by her brother at night in her bedroom. She was scared and alone nobody helped she never learned how to scream she never learned how to trust again. She learned fear!

Seven years ago a young girl was suffering from the initial phases of depression from constant bullying in school. No friends and nowhere to turn she was called a faggot for being a little different than the other kids. She learned silence!

Four years ago a young woman was coming to terms with her new identity. She made a friend on the internet who showed her how alcohol could numb her pain for a while and she tiptoed on the edge of insanity. She learned desperation!

Last year a woman forces the blade of her knife into her hips. A bad habit she'd learned from someone she loves dearly. Out of options and running headlong into oblivion she sought a way out her life and saw darkness. She learned destruction
Track Name: October 24, 2014
When I was a young man
I struggled with myself
I tried and tried to make amends
it didn't work out so great in the end
I tried to drink myself to death

So sing with me now
about the pain that we hold
the scars that we hide
the tears that we shed
cause I wanna believe it gets better

Looking back I was wrong
about how things can change
lately I've seen how it can be
that don't mean I'm in a cage or that I'm free
I just know that life's a mystery and I can't see


I know I can't see
what the future will hold
but I don't believe the scars have grace
cause they never healed in the first place
but I'll be damned if they don't give me a reason to breathe